Jacob Schmidt

Former marketing director and proud Vancouverite.

Tap Trek: The Couve's Downtown Breweries

For the uninitiated to Vancouver’s craft beer scene, a trek through the tap turf of the city’s downtown breweries provides an easygoing orientation. With 10 breweries and taprooms located within a walkable one-and-a-half-mile stretch (word to the wise: Don't try and tackle them all in one day!), a…

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Defining "The Couve"

If you’re new to Vancouver USA, you may hear locals casually dropping reference to a mysterious entity known only as “The Couve.” What could it be, you wonder— a local hangout? A delicious French breakfast pastry? A secret society accessible only via speakeasy? Let us solve this riddle for you: The…

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Vancouver WA's Biggest Eats

Vancouver USA is home to culinary heavyweights (think: big name chefs and pioneering farm-to-table eateries), but it also boasts a handful of restaurants in a weight class all their own. From decadent desserts to giant breakfast foods, these restaurants are known for their massive dishes that…

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