Download a free pass for a new way to discover Vancouver, WA!

Experience the city in a new way with a mobile-friendly pass that directs you to the area's best summer spots, wine tasting discounts, Vancouver landmarks, and more.




What does the pass expiring mean?
On the expiration date, your pass will reset and you will need to sign up for it again in order to make future check-ins and enter prize drawings. Discounts are only offered before the expiration date, however businesses may chose to offer the same discount for the next "live" period.

Is the pass an app?
No. You can add a homescreen icon to your phone to easily access it, however, the mobile-friendly pass does not take up space on your phone like an app does.

I already completed the pass; can I do it again?
You must wait until the next "live" period to participate in the pass again (make check-ins and redeem discounts).

How do I check in at locations?
The manner in which you check in to a location depends on the pass. If it's geolocation based, you must be within a quarter mile of the specified place for the check in to be recognized. If it's a pin # check in, you must enter the 4-digit pin # that is unique to each location. Pin #s can be found on table cards or you can ask a server.

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