Visit Vancouver WA is committed to working with our community to fight systemic racism and injustice.

We have always held diversity as a value and tried to reflect that in the content we produce. But we also realize we can do better. We must do better.

We are heartbroken at the continual injustices experienced by Black and AAPI* communities, LGBTQIA+** communities and People of Color. We realize it is impossible to understand what we do not all experience ourselves, and that listening to those affected is a good place to start. 

We can and will more accurately integrate local underrepresented communities into our daily work. 

It is time to walk the talk.

Visit Vancouver WA will update existing procurement practices to ensure minority-owned businesses are given an equitable share of our business.

Our team will seek opportunities to listen and participate in ongoing community conversations. We will all be empowered to provide service to local organizations in need.

Our group sales and marketing programs will be updated to reflect the diversity of our local community more accurately, and better appeal to a more diverse visitor audience. More importantly, we will consistently provide our platform to local Black, AAPI, and minority voices.

As an organization, we will participate in and if needed, initiate and facilitate a community conversation on the topic of promoting and developing a destination that is welcoming to all visitors.

The time has come for change.

Although these efforts are important, we know this is just a start. Look for us to continue to find ways to be better on behalf of our team and everyone around us, and don’t hesitate to challenge us on how we can do better.

*Asian American and Pacific Islander
**Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual, and other genders and sexualities