Chances are you've heard about Vancouver USA's massive $1.5 billion waterfront project.
You may have even dined at the delicious new restaurants or taken a sunset stroll along the striking Grant Street Pier.
But while it's nearly impossible NOT to appreciate the beauty of the sweeping vistas or recognize the pier as an emerging icon for the city, the smallest of carefully crafted details will have you marveling at the thoughtful design of the park.

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Take for instance these bike racks: Perfectly concentric circles that are a mini work of art.
Or these steel plates, depicting the principles of suspension that keep the Grant Street Pier in a perpetual state of seemingly effortless hovering.

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Don't miss the other side, which features this illustration of a traditional Tall Ship.
Of course, the entire pier is decked out with details—just check out the way these lights illuminate the footpath at night.

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Actually, all of the walkways are pretty impressive, like this boardwalk-inspired section that brings you right above the river's edge.
Or the multi-toned rock patterns lining the main trail.

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Everywhere you look, gradually rising insets of basalt walls offer places to sit.

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Even something as simply as a metal railing seems to guide you around the curves of the river until you're drifting into the blue.

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It truly is an incredibly beautiful place to take in and enjoy, right down to the smallest of stone tiles.
Just one more thing, did we mention the pier and surrounding park form a giant "V" for Vancouver? You may have to book a plane ticket to see it for yourself!