While the vision of your ideal day at a brewery might consist of sunshine and picnic tables, the winter vibes can be just as enjoyable—think dark brews packed with flavor, heaters radiating warmth beyond your scarf and wool hat, and the consistent good conversations had after saying “cheers” to making it through another day. Sure, we left out a few details (brr!), but breweries across the nation typically struggle through the winter months; so, let's support our vibrant local breweries

Beer on Counter


Trap Door Brewing 

Why choose just one brew from Trap Door Brewing, when any beer from their selection is sure to please! From the award-winning flagship beer “Glowed Up”—a hazy IPA that never disappoints. To the return of "HoliDANK" with all-new artwork by the winner of their label contest, Jillian Campbell (aka @youngfreedesigns)!

Victor 23 Brewing 

If flavors of fig, maple, and toffee don’t yell holidays, we don’t know what does! Victor 23 Brewing’s “Sleighjacker” is a 9.2% barrel-aged strong ale with a warm spicy finish. Or try any one of their other award-winning brews including "Imitator IPA", "North By Northwest Lager", "Jumbo Jet Strong Ale", and "Sugar Plum Fairy Barrelaged Ale". 

Hopworks Urban Brewery

It's Abominable Winter Ale season at Hopworks Urban Brewery! The perfect compliment to sitting fireside with friends during cool evenings. With a hint of warmth, combined with layers of flavorful caramel malts and Northwest hops, "Abominable" is the perfect, hoppy companion for hanging with friends. And don't miss the return of "Winter Ritual Cold IPA". Fermented at lower temps, hence the "cold" part of Cold IPA, Winter Ritual is a golden straw color with aromas of pear and pine. Followed by flavors of pine sap, lemon zest, persimmon, and gooseberry, and finishing quite dry with a light lingering bitterness. Grab a pint at the pub or. 4-pack to-go!

Fortside Brewing Company 

Transport to a warmer place with Fortside Brewing Company’s “Sunshine Dreamin’,” a New England-style IPA with aromas of ripe mango, bright citrus, smooth strawberry, and tart kiwi. Or try the "Night King", an Imperial Stout, perfect warmth and comfort for whiling away the dark nights of winter. Cocoa powder and dark chocolate meld with a floral and sweet malt bouquet, balanced by soft roast, toasted marshmallow, and mocha flavors. Pair with some tacos, nachos, a quesadilla, or a burrito from Taco Spaceship, and it's an evening well spent! 


Heathen Brewing

Head to Heathen Brewing Feral Public House for promising "progressive ales for the promiscuous palette". Heathen Brewing’s "Reindeer Tears”—a barrel aged barley wine—won’t land you on the nice list, but we promise no reindeer were harmed during the making of the beer. Or try any number of brews on their long tap list to warm you up this season—the Public House menu is full of beer snacks, pizzas, ruffage, and majestic Mac n Cheese. 


Brothers Cascadia Brewing

The king of complex lagers, Brothers Cascadia Brewing’s “Helles Lager” is “as exciting as it is drinkable," available year round. Or try "Cranberry Cinnamon Allegro,"  a tart holiday ale brewed with cranberry and cinnamon. Incredibly approachable beer for even those that don't normally enjoy sour beer. Pairs well with a holiday dinner, family, and friends!

Loowit Brewing Company

Presenting an all-day hazy IPA, Loowit Brewing’s “Iron Rabbit” has full citrus flavors with low bitterness, allowing for finesse in every pint (or can!). Also part of Loowits flagship beers is the "Loowit Lager"—capturing the spirit of the Pacific Northwest, showcasing a gentle and delicious hop profile. And the "Grimlock Rye Porter", Loowits' most award-winning beer ever with notes of roast, chocolate, and coffee with a hint of spice from the rye.

Find more local breweries, taphouses, and holiday brews here!