Lacamas Lake Park

Walking, trail running, fishing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, mountain biking – the outdoor recreational activities are nearly endless at Lacamas Lake Park.

Wildlife abounds, and bird-watchers revel in the views of osprey, bald eagles, and other native winged creatures. Round Lake, the smaller body of water at the south end of Lacamas Lake, is stocked with a nice mixture of bass, bluegill, and perch, and is separated by a footbridge. More than 12 miles of trail meander through the 312-acre park with views of waterfalls, fields of Camas Lilies (in early spring), and interesting rock formations waiting to be discovered. Both lakes are a result of the Missoula Floods that occurred more than 12,000 years ago when ice dams collapsed and swept down through the Columbia River valley. Find the “Missoula boulder” at the south end of Round Lake, a remnant of the 2,000-year time period.

Quick Facts:

- The Lacamas Lake area is located in Camas, less than 20 miles east of downtown Vancouver.
- Open hours are 7 a.m. to dusk
- Check current advisories related to algae here:





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