As one of the oldest permanent settlements west of the Rockies, Vancouver USA is rich with history and ready for exploration. Here are four guide-led tours to learn more about the city’s history—by foot and by wheel!

Museum Mavens

Vancouver’s hub for history, the Clark County Historical Museum (CCHM) shares its knowledge with walking tours in six downtown areas, plus others around Clark County. Learn about Frank and Ella Luepke’s 1909 flower shop that still sells bouquets on the corner of W 13th and Washington Street during the Middle Main Tour, or the story behind the Blurock House during the Esther Short Tour. The summer outings run from June to August—plus keep an eye out for the spooky haunted tours in October.
Cost: $12
Max. people on tour: 25
Length of tour: 45 min to 1 hr

Walking Tour - Shumway

They See Me Rollin’

CCHM has also partnered with the Couve Cycle for a pedal-powered history tour. Ride the streets with a local historian, while learning quirky city tidbits and hearing tales about the people that inhabited original Vancouver buildings. Stops for coffee or a drink are spaced out along the way. But don’t worry, the electronic assist is available while class is in session.
Cost: $25
Max. people on tour: 14
Length of tour: Approx. 2 hrs
Tour Itineraries

Walk and Talk

Learn the story behind the Providence Academy, a former orphanage and school built in 1873, or take a step into Post Cemetery. Choose from seven different in-depth tours of historic icons to the city with The Historic Trust. For a self-guided journey, download the augmented reality app to interact with sites around the Academy—including (virtually) pulling the 400-pound bell dating back to 1873.
Cost: Free (soon to be $5-7)
Max. people on tour: 50
Length of
tour: 30 to 90 min

Officers Row

Need for Speed

Cruise along at a top speed of 12 mph to see the sights. Vancouver Segway Tours makes stops at Fort Vancouver, Officers Row, Esther Short Park, the Vancouver Land Bridge, and the Waterfront Renaissance Trail. Ten minutes of training will prepare you for the two-wheeled balancing adventure.
Cost: $75-85
Max. people on tour: 6
Length of tour: 90 min to 2 hrs
Vancouver Segway Tours