Destination Master Plan

This plan is intended to serve as a 10-year framework to guide tourism strategy, investment, and opportunities for community partners and business leaders, and provide a common vision for the future of tourism in Vancouver. It will provide guidance to engage both new and traditional visitors, as well as strategies and tactics to grow, empower, and diversify Vancouver and the surrounding area’s tourism industry.


In the year 2033, Vancouver is the best place to live and visit in the Pacific Northwest.

Vancouver Waterfront Grant Street Pier


Strategic Goals

The five strategic goals established through the Destination Master Planning process will provide a framework to guide tourism-related decision-making and efforts to enhance Vancouver’s visitor economy. These goals offer guidance on how to bring the project vision to life and establish Vancouver as a competitive visitor destination.

DMP Goals

Destination Master Plan Goals Breakdown

Next Steps

From the outset of the destination master planning process, the community was engaged and excited to support the implementation of the strategic recommendations. Visit Vancouver WA doesn’t own the assets and experiences related to the visitor economy, and therefore, they cannot single-handedly move this Destination Master Plan forward. Their roles in the implementation of the Plan will take several forms including:

Next Steps DMP_Screenshot

The visitor economy in Vancouver has unlimited potential and we’re excited to welcome more visitors to our great city! Read the full Destination Master Plan below. 

Vancouver WA Destination Master Plan

Vancouver WA Implementation Matrix for DMP

Addendum A – Civitas Funding Analysis

Executive Summary / Major Goals & Initiatives