Welcome to the vibrant wine scene of Vancouver, Washington, where the roots of winemaking run deep, tracing back to the establishment of Fort Vancouver, where wine grapes were grown at the original outpost. The city's wine legacy intertwines with the nearby Yakima Valley, marking the beginnings of Southwest Washington's diverse wine culture.

Recent years have witnessed a renaissance in Vancouver's wine landscape, with downtown morphing into a haven for wine connoisseurs. The downtown wine trail invites exploration, offering a taste of Southwest Washington's finest amidst urban charm. Washington's wine narrative unfolds as a tale of contrasts—New World spirit fused with Old World elegance.

Despite Washington’s relatively brief history in the winemaking industry, the state ranks as the nation's second-largest wine producer, boasting a repertoire that competes globally. With over 80 grape varieties cultivated across 20 AVAs, including Columbia Valley's renowned blends. As the second-largest wine region in the U.S., Washington's allure is undeniable, beckoning wine enthusiasts to uncork and savor its liquid treasures—one bottle at a time.

Begin in Uptown Village and work your way down to the new Vancouver Waterfront to taste the bounty. Great news—most of these wineries are about a five-minute walk from each other!

Cellar 55

Nestled between uptown and downtown, Cellar 55 presents a charming tasting room that's perfect for year-round wine indulgence. In warmer seasons, their serene patio provides a delightful urban oasis, while the stylish interior offers a cozy retreat during cooler temperatures. This cooperative tasting room proudly showcases wines from Walla Walla and Eastern Washington, inviting guests to create their own personalized meat and cheese plates from the menu to complement their wine experience.


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Burnt Bridge Cellars

Set within a refurbished 1930s auto garage in downtown Vancouver, Burnt Bridge Cellars takes its name from the adjacent creek, a beloved spot for runners and outdoor enthusiasts. Focusing on small-batch wines crafted from meticulously hand-picked grapes, Burnt Bridge maintains a hands-on approach from vine to bottle. Each aspect of their winemaking process, including hand-filling, hand-corking, and hand-labeling, reflects their commitment to artisanal quality. Adding to the ambiance, live musicians often grace the winery's space on Friday and Saturday evenings, enhancing the tasting experience with lively entertainment.

Niche Wine Bar

Alongside an extensive selection of wines available by the glass, half glass, and bottle, Niche Wine Bar offers a delectable food menu to satiate your appetite. For those seeking a savory snack, indulge in their Alsatian tarte flambee, a delightful creation hailing from Northern France. This pizza-like treat features thin pastry dough adorned with crème fraiche, cheese, and an array of mouthwatering toppings. So, pull up a seat at the bar and treat yourself to this delectable delight as you continue your journey through the wine trail.

Willful Wine

Positioned within the historic Grant House, located on Officers Row, Willful Wine Bar exemplifies the spirit of determination and independence in every bottle. With a focus on Oregon grapes fermented using native 'wild' yeasts, Willful crafts wines that reflect the unruly essence of the terroir. Emphasizing minimal oak to accentuate the fruit, their Pinot Noir captures elegance and complexity, sourced from select vineyards across the north Willamette Valley. Beyond Pinot, their portfolio includes Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and red blends, each expressing Pam Walden's unwavering commitment to quality. With over two decades of winemaking experience, Pam's willful spirit drives Willful Wines, where each bottle tells a story of determination and passion.


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SuLei Cellars

Head back to Main Street to uncover one of Vancouver's most delightful treasures. SuLei Cellars, the beloved tasting room from Walla Walla winemaker, seamlessly transports the abundant flavors of the agricultural hub to downtown Vancouver. As a woman-owned and operated establishment, SuLei embodies a genuine passion for wine, offering visitors a taste of southeast Washington's finest. Don't miss the chance to indulge in the flavors crafted with love and dedication.

Vancouver Waterfront

While this last group of wineries are just a bit more a trek, we promise it’s worth the extra steps to the Vancouver Waterfront!  Enjoy the picturesque shores of the Columbia River, where a cluster of esteemed wineries. Concluding your Vancouver wine tour with a flourish, these waterfront destinations offer not only breathtaking views but also the acclaimed Maryhill Winery's Tasting Room, honored as the Washington State Winemaker of the Year in 2018. Indulge in the splendor of the river scenery as you sip on a luscious Cab Franc or sample the array of exceptional wines available. With renowned locations like Willamette Valley Vineyards, Evoke Winery, Valo Cellars, Barnard Griffin, Pepper Bridge Winery & Amavi Cellars, Brian Carter Cellars, and Airfield Estates gracing these trendy waterfront locations, your wine tour promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.


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