Situated north of weird and south of Sound, Vancouver, Washington is situated between the curves of the Columbia River and the forests and mountains. The primary green and blue of Visit Vancouver WA's new color palette represent our geographical location, while the supporting shades symbolize our rich history, best assets, and overall welcoming vibe.

Originating from the actual tones one would see while discovering the SW Washington region, we invite you to meet our new colors!

Brand colors: Fort Vancouver Evergreen

Fort Vancouver Evergreen: Dubbed the “only desired situation for settlement west of the Rocky Mountains,” the natural land is the birthplace of Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest. Representative of our state and region, the evergreen is a symbol of growth, nature’s bounty, and outdoor adventure.

Brand Colors: Grist Mill Green

Grist Mill Green: The forests of Clark County have hidden gems to be explored, like the Cedar Creek Grist Mill surrounded by mossy branches along a flowing stream. These long-lasting structures represent the rich history of our region preserved throughout time.

Brand Colors: Columbia Shores Blue

Columbia Shores: The Columbia River is what brought the first inhabitants to the land that is now Vancouver, connecting and sustaining us for years to come. Now, the Grant Street Pier juts 90 feet over the water exemplifying the continued stability the river gives to the city.

Brand Colors: Vancouver Lake Blue

Vancouver Lake Blue: A mix of urban and rural, the city’s dichotomous features become one at landmarks like Vancouver Lake. Subject to seasons, the popular spot for relaxing and recreation is only five miles from downtown with a vast sky and mountainous views.

Brand Colors: Autumn on Officers Row

Autumn on Officers Row: Walking down the line of Victorian homes feels like a continuum of time that is especially magical in autumn when the orange leaves fall slowly to the sidewalk. Experience the warmth of our seasons beyond a hot summer day or cozied up to a fireplace in the winter.

Brand Colors: Silver Star Sunrise

Silver Star Sunrise: Creativity comes alive at the top of Silver Star Mountain with sun rays beaming out from behind the peaks. The optimism and enthusiasm of Vancouver’s community is represented through the soft yellow of a bright future.

Brand Colors: Brewcouver

Brewcouver: Home to dozens of original breweries and local taphouses, Clark County always has something on tap that you’ve never tasted before. Brewed with passion and poured with joy, these hops scream Pacific Northwest pride.  

Brand Colors: Sunny Day on the Promenade

Sunny day on the Promenade: Feel the breeze through your hair and the sun on your skin while you stroll along the Columbia River waterfront on a warm day. The accessible walkway hosts restaurant patios, views of sailboats floating by, and historic significance symbolized with public art.

Brand Colors: Pinot on the Patio

Pinot on the Patio: The rolling hills of Clark County carry on the grape-growing tradition started by Fort Vancouver, where Washington’s first grapes were planted in 1825. From expansive vineyards to waterfront wine tasting rooms within blocks of one another, robust reds and bright whites are waiting to be sipped.

Brand Colors: Hidden Brick Red

Hidden Brick Red: These rosy architectural cuboids stamped with namesake origins represent The Hidden Brick Company’s beginnings on 15th and Main in 1871 and beyond. Maintaining downtown’s charm and friendly façade, Vancouver welcomes all who walk through our doors.

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