Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by towering evergreens and snow-capped mountains that remind us of how lucky we are to live here. Beyond the natural beauty, Vancouver USA's streets portray our history and diversity through colorful murals in our downtown and international districts. In an effort to give you more opportunity to connect to the city while staying at home, we've created a free coloring book for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy.

We can't wait to walk the vibrant downtown mural trail again, but until then, it's your turn to be the artist! Grab your coloring tool of choice, and download the PDF here or click on the individual images below to save as a JPEG.

"Chinook Nation" Travis Czekalski & Jon Stommel, 2012

"Chinook Nation" Credit to Rather Severe"Chinook Nation" Coloring Page

"Farmers Market" Travis Czekalski, 2013

"Vancouver Farmers Market" Mural"Vancouver Farmers Market" Mural

"River Recreation" Jon Stommel, 2014

"River Recreation" Mural- Credit to Rather Severe "River Recreation" Coloring Page

"Bicycling" Jon Stommel, 2013 

Note: Mural has been removed from its original location. 

Biking Mural-Credit Rather Severe"Bicycling" Coloring Page

"Brewery History" Tamra Pfeifle Davisson, 2012

"Brewery History" Mural"Brewery History" Coloring Page

"Beacon Rock" Michael J Feliz, 2013

"Beacon Rock" Mural"Beacon Rock" Coloring Page

"Luepke History" Michael J Feliz, 2015

"Leupke History" Mural"Luepke History" Coloring Page

"Uptown Village" Downtown Community Effort, 2012

Uptown Village Mural - Credi CC Mural Society"Uptown Village" Coloring Page

For more information about the Clark County Mural Society, click here. For more stay-at-home activities, check out the City of Vancouver's resource page here.