Discover the charm of Vancouver's downtown through its impressive array of murals and public art. From restaurant walls to shop facades and even filling the cracks, these vibrant works of art tell unique stories, each contributing to the city's culture. Take a stroll, snap a photo, and share the colorful creativity of Vancouver!

Use the map and background info below to guide your next stroll through downtown. If you know of a mural we still need, please reach out to so we can add it. 

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Exploring Vancouver’s Art District

Since 2004, the City of Vancouver and the Clark County Mural Society have been working together to transform public spaces by creating over 40 murals and nearly 20 displays of public art. Vancouver's Downtown Association also collaborates with groups like the Great River Arts Festival to keep the downtown area alive and beautiful. In 2022 and 2023, they added over 15 new murals. The "Welcome to Vancouver" mural greets visitors at 6th & Broadway, while the Art District Mural Lot (pictured) showcases a variety of creativity and celebrates the diversity of the community. Visitors can find a cluster of murals along Washington and Main Street, and the alleyway behind Kindred Homestead Supply off Main Street has been transformed into an outdoor gallery.

Self-Guided Tours

Step out on a self-guided tour around downtown, with something unique around each corner. Start at the vibrant "Groovin' and 'Couvin" mural by Esther Short Park and follow the mural map mentioned above to explore a kaleidoscope of paintings. As you stroll through the area, you'll come across eye-catching works like the "Columbia Food Park" and “Nch'i-Wana” (pictured). Keep an eye out for intriguing public art installations like "The Visitor," which features a tentacle emerging from a manhole, and "Volunteer Corner," showcasing a miniature Vancouver city sculpture. Don't forget to explore the nearby galleries and museums, adding layers of cultural richness to your walk.

Inspired by Vancouver

Vancouver’s artistic community is inspired by the city's natural beauty and vibrant colors. The landscape between the curves of the Columbia River and the lush forests and mountains provides the perfect canvas for creativity to flourish. One mural that captures the essence of our city is “Vancouver WA” (pictured), a mural by artist Christian Barrios. Commissioned in partnership with Visit Vancouver WA, and the VDA, this piece welcomes visitors into the heart of downtown, celebrating our rich history and waterfront wonders. As you explore, look for other murals that pay homage to Vancouver's heritage and charm, such as "Lucky to be Living in Vancouver," "Welcome to Vancouver," "Brewer's History," and "Leupke History." Each mural adds another layer to our city's narrative, inviting you to delve deeper into its history and culture through art.

Artists of Vancouver

Let's shine a spotlight on the artists who contribute to Vancouver's vibrant art scene, each leaving their mark on the city's landscape. From Ana the Artist's iconic Evergreen Bridge, Heart Mural, and Flower Door to the collaborative efforts showcased at the Great River Arts Festival, including the work of artists like Local Boy Tatau, our city is teeming with creative talent. While the Clark County Mural Society's legacy endures through their commissioned murals, local organizations like The City of Vancouver's Culture, Arts & Heritage Commission, and The Historic Trust continue to support and promote artistic expression. Find information about more local artists (here). 

Public Art Beyond Walls

Vancouver boasts a vibrant public art scene that goes beyond murals. Visitors and residents can enjoy the city's artistic legacy through sculptures and installations that add a three-dimensional dimension to the experience. Some noteworthy pieces to check out include "Flying Umbrellas" in the downtown area, the Salmon Run Bell Tower in Esther Short Park, and the Ilchee Statue & Plaza on the east waterfront. These pieces are located throughout Vancouver and serve as focal points that showcase the artistic expression within our community.

The creativity doesn’t stop downtown. Find even more murals and art in Vancouver on Fourth Plain and explore the city's artistic offerings on our dedicated art page.