There is nothing quite like slurping up a bowl of hot soup on a blustery day. From savory ramen and spicy chili to classic comfort favorites, here’s where the soup’s on in Vancouver.

1. Dediko

Cozy up with a bowl of creamy lentil soup filled with namesake legumes and fresh local vegetables at downtown Vancouver’s new Georgian restaurant. Complete your meal with khinkali, oversized soup-filled dumplings that feel designed for winter in the northwest.


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2. Slow Fox

A favorite to the downtown food scene, Slow Fox Chili is located in the Columbia Food Park, just off 7th and Main. Pick up a bowl of spicy Ray’s Red filled with hearty ingredients like beef, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Top it off with classic cheddar cheese and onion, or kick up the spice an extra notch with pickled jalapenos. You can now enjoy a cocktail or a beer with your meal in their new cozy dining area.


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3. Kenji’s Ramen & Grill

You won’t regret the drive to the eastside once you start slurping up the perfectly chewy noodles in a bowl of Kenji’s ramen. Savor the rich umami flavors in their garlic onion broth, and complete your ramen nirvana by topping off your bowl with a soft-boiled egg and crispy pork belly. In addition to the classics, Kenji’s menu features gluten-free and kale noodles for those with special dietary needs.

4. NOM NOM Restaurant & Grill

The Laotian Red Curry Noodle Soup (Kaopoon Nam Gai) delivers a satisfying explosion of flavors and textures. Based on a coconutty and satisfyingly spicy red curry broth, this soup blends tender shredded chicken and soft, thin rice noodles with crunchy bean sprouts, cabbage, and carrots. It’s all infused with a taste of mint and cilantro for a complete flavor immersion. Enjoy this specialty or any of the bright and airy shop’s three different pho options, including chicken, a special with various beef cuts, and vegetarian.

5. The Cove 

As the chilly weather approaches, there is nothing better than starting the season with some delicious chowder. The Cove's Seafood Chowder is an excellent choice, consisting of prawns, salmon, ahi, halibut, red potatoes, celery, onions, carrots, cream, tomato, herbs, and bacon. The restaurant offers a great ambiance to enjoy mouth-watering seafood, Pacific Northwest cuisine, craft cocktails, and local brews, all while admiring the riverfront views.

6. Amaro's Table

Whether it's warm or cold outside, Amaro's Table believes it is always soup season. Bringing a modern American dining experience to downtown Vancouver, their highlights include its steaks, seafood, and craft cocktails. But there is something to be said about their homemade soups made fresh each morning. From Chicken Yellow Curry or Clam Chowder to Tuscan White Bean with Potatoes, Sausage and kale you can’t go wrong. 




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7. Ginger Pop Thai

Ginger Pop is a family-owned restaurant that draws its inspiration from Bangkok, Thailand. With a menu offering an interpretation of our culinary experiences and journeys throughout Bangkok’s many restaurants, street carts, and homes. Stop in on a cold day for the perfect Tom Soup to warm you up. From the classic TOM YUM SOUP with chicken, mushrooms, cilantro, lemongrass, and galangal. To their WONTON SOUP with shrimp wontons, shrimps, beansprout, spinach, green onion, and cilantro. Add noodles to either dish and some Curry Puffs and you're all set for a great winter meal!


8. Pho Vi Van

While their extensive roster of phos are sure to satisfy, the true can’t-miss dish at this East Vancouver restaurant is the Bún bò Huế. The spicy and fragrant lemongrass soup is filled with sliced beef shank and lean pork, thick and chewy rice noodles, and an array of vegetables. It is also available in a vegetarian version featuring extra vegetables and fried tofu that perfectly absorbs the fiery broth. One bowl is plenty, but if you want leftovers, round out your order with the crispy and tasty chicken cabbage salad.

9. La Bottega

While the pasta and sandwiches may draw you in to this classic Italian deli, the fresh daily soup is always there when you need it. Find European inspired flavors like fire-roasted tomato basil and classic mushroom. Round out a true European dining experience with a glass of wine and take your time to savor the old-world flavors. Add your spin on some of their ready-made soups in the freezer case, and cozy up at home too!