From smelly flowers to beloved llamas (R.I.P. Rojo ☹), this year’s Top 9 was sprinkled with one-of-a-kind sights in the city. But a longstanding appreciation for Clark County’s seasonal scenery and the new beauty of the waterfront remain a staple in 2019’s most Instagrammable moments in Vancouver USA.

#1 & #7: You mean a towering corpse flower that smells like sweaty gym socks and a decorated auburn llama walking down the sidewalk aren’t normal sightseeing subjects in most cities? Vancouver USA could have you fooled! Topping our charts, the rare florescent bloom was 17 years in the making, and people stood in line for hours to see (and smell) the scientific phenomenon at WSU Vancouver. The photo of Rojo strutting his stuff at the waterfront came in at lucky number 7. Sadly, the therapy llama who resided in Ridgefield passed away shortly after retirement last month at age 17, but his fluffy companions continue to bring joy to the region.

#2–#5: Our area is fortunate to have four distinct seasons, and numbers two through five celebrate many of those. The historic Cedar Creek Grist Mill pops among orange autumn leaves, and Esther Short Park is quite the colorful place to be in the fall. Moulton Falls is magical with a dusting of snow and the Japanese cherry blossoms on Clark College’s campus transports you to a springtime fantasy land.

#6 & #8: Vancouver’s new waterfront development continues to amaze locals and visitors alike. Aerial night shots bring a new perspective to the lit pier (lighting concept done by Fisher Marantz Stone, which also takes credit for the Washington Monument in D.C. and “Tribute of Light” at New York’s World Trade Center), and the excitement around the artistic, kid-friendly water feature opening was palpable.

#9: While the last Instagram in our Top 9 may not necessarily fit into a category, it represents the subtle presence of our amazing volunteer community and dedication to the natural world. Columbia Springs, located just 10 minutes from downtown, is committed to educational experiences for children and improving the environment.

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