October/November 2013

It's time to find fall, and you won't need your GPS for directions.

Instead, just follow the rain-dappled leaves of honey and orange as they rustle across the sidewalks to Vancouver USA. While you're here, find a cup of locally brewed coffee with a hint of salted caramel and spice. Walk through our historic neighborhoods and find mischievous pumpkins carved with faces of mock-horror lining rustic pathways. Go for a post-Thanksgiving run and find a cup of hot buttered rum waiting for you to celebrate your victory.

Ready to find fall for yourself? Below you'll find a selection of original events and Vancouver USA autumn adventures. For more area happenings, check out our full events calendar and, while you're there, discover our award-winning website.

Making Their Debut

Returning Favorites            Carved Pumpkins

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