Where else can you explore one of the country's most famous volcanoes, take a stroll along the beach, hit the slopes for some incredible skiing or snowboarding, or make the beautiful trip through the Columbia River Gorge, all within a short drive? Vancouver USA-an ideal day trip hub.

Mount St. Helens, just an hour north of Vancouver, erupted 32 years ago and continues to fascinate people to this day. Various observatories and museums, guided climbs and programs, and even helicopter tours allow visitors to see the awe-inspiring volcano from all angles, including the crater.

When you head west from Vancouver, the Pacific Ocean greets you after another short drive. Whether you choose to spend a day at Long Beach or venture further north to Westport or Ocean Shores, the miles and miles of gorgeous coastline and cozy small towns will have you planning your next trip before you even leave.

When you hop on Highway 14 and drive east, it doesn't take long to understand why people have been amazed by the Columbia River Gorge since the area's first inhabitants. The best part is visitors can choose how they want to experience it. Whether you choose to make the scenic drive through the Gorge, stop and take in the various waterfalls, hike to the top of Beacon Rock for an incredible view, or climb aboard the Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler boat for a ride on the Columbia River, you can't go wrong.

After spending the day traveling to one of our local natural attractions, return to enjoy the Vancouver nightlife, and settle in at one of our premier hotels before hitting the road again the next day.