The typical connotation of "tourism" usually conjures visions of sipping a fruity drink on a tropical beach, swishing down an alpine slope, or taking a cross-country flight, but in reality, tourism has a hug economic impact right here in Vancouver USA!  

Visitors to Clark County spent over $424 million dollars annually at local businesses, generated over $27 million in local and state taxes, and supported 3,720 local jobs in 2011.* Tourism, as defined, encompasses transportation, food and beverage services, accommodations, recreation and other services, and is one of the largest generators of jobs in Clark County.  At a time when the economy is sluggish and every dollar counts, tourism brings not only cultural and social benefits to the community, but positive fiscal growth.

In addition to the leisure tourists that visit Clark County, a large number of visitors come to our community as delegates for meetings, conventions, and sporting events. As Clark County's reputation as a premier meeting, conventions, and sporting events destination grows, so does the positive impact on our local hotels, restaurants, shops, and other service providers.

*Source: Dean Runyan Associates 2011p Washington State Travel Impacts